Meet ms. design maven

Janelle Williamson is the design sweetheart you’ve always dreamed of.  She understands that creating a space that is uniquely yours is an intimate process. She helps her clients realize their aspirations for the perfect space, that not only reflects their personalities, but also incorporates clean, timeless designs to create rooms where they feel at home and at ease.

Janelle began her design journey studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  She first applied her knowledge and vision for creating layered, chic, and textured designs to her own home.  As she started building her clientele, almost exclusively by word of mouth, Janelle discovered her true calling and her niche.

Over and over again, Janelle encountered people who believed that good home design, was outside of their reach.  Sometimes people thought the things they liked couldn’t fit within a design, or they assumed that they had to have a big budget for a well-curated room, or that a well-appointed space would be uncomfortable.  As Janelle dispelled one myth after another for family, friends, colleagues and clients, she understood that she could reimagine home design for so many people.

Janelle passion for design took on a new twist -  a deeply held belief that all people deserve to live in spaces that reflect their personal aesthetic. She believes that our homes are not only the places where we live and relax, but also embody our milestones and behaviors, our choices and changes, both conscious and unconscious.  Our homes are the physical manifestation of our values and how they can be shaped over time.

To this day, Janelle has spent the last decade guiding clients by starting with the ideas in their heads and respecting their ideals. She matches those visions with her expertise to create rooms they can spend their lives and be themselves in.  She knows that truly great interior design is a marriage of impeccable taste, personal preference and practical consideration. With a Novia like Janelle to bring it all together, budget, comfort and taste can all blend into one beautiful design.